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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Don - the finale

As our final installment, we're putting up one more show - this one from the last decade - June 6, 2000 in Wallingford, Connecticut. It's the full show - 2 discs - but definitely worth the time to download. (Note: Taking You Home, Nobody Else in the World But You, Goodbye to a River, They're Not Here, They're Not Coming and New York Minute have been previously uploaded to the site).

Disc One
1. Dirty Laundry
2. Sunset Grill
3. Taking You Home
4. Last Worthless Evening
5. Everything Is Different Now
6. End of the Innocence
7. Working It
8. Goodbye to a River
9. New York Minute
10. They’re Not Here, They’re Not Coming

Disc Two
1. Lilah
2. Boys of Summer
3. Nobody Else in the World but You
4. Life in the Fast Lane
5. Heart of the Matter
6. All She Wants to Do Is Dance
7. The Long Run
8. Hotel California
9. Wasted Time
10. A Night in Summer Long Ago
11. Desperado

And with that, our celebration comes to a close. Happy birthday, Don! Thanks for the music, and keep on rockin'!

Happy Birthday Don Part 5

We've had audio - how about some video? Here's a couple clips from four different decades (all files are windows media).

Houston 1976
One of These Nights

Tokyo 1989
All She Wants to Do Is Dance
Hotel California

Christchurch 1995
Wasted Time
Life in the Fast Lane

Jones Beach 2005 (with Stevie Nicks)
New York Minute
Circle Dance

Happy Birthday Don Part 4

Next, let's bring out the wallpapers! I made one for four different eras in his life.

From the seventies:
800x600 :: 1024x768

From the eighties:
800x600 :: 1024x768

From the nineties:
800x600 :: 1024x768

From the current decade:
800x600 :: 1024x768

Also, I added a ringtone page for phones that are MP3-compatible. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Don Part 3

Now some songs from a nineties appearance - the Dallas Taylor benefit, to be exact, on March 31, 1990. Don performed six songs, including the rarity Come Rain or Come Shine. Timothy B. Schmit comes out to join him for Best of My Love (Don jokes that the last time they were there together was in 1980 with "some other guys" and that they had to edit out all the "I'm gonna kick your ass after the show!" threats between songs). Great performances!

1 End of the Innocence

2 Heart of the Matter
3 Best of My Love
4 Come Rain or Come Shine
5 Desperado
6 Last Worthless Evening

Happy Birthday Don Part 2

Next, here are an assortment of articles (thanks Kate J.!) They're all in .pdf form.

A piece called "The Eagles Story" with band bios (1976)

A review of The Long Run from Rolling Stone (1979)

Lyrics to Boys of Summer with a photo (1985)

Another set of Boys of Summer lyrics with a photo (1985)

A very brief interview from Stuff magazine (1986)

An interview from Record Magazine (1986) - we actually had this on the site already, but not in .pdf form where you can see the photos!

A brief review of the Walden Woods benefit where both Glenn and Tim appeared (1990)

An interview with Don where he defends the Walden project (1991)

A review of a show with Susanna Hoffs (1991)

An interview with Don from The Sunday Sun (1993)

An article in Uncut about the Desperado photo shoot (2007)

Also, here's an interview show that aired a few months ago in October of 2006: Off the Record with Joe Benson. It's divided into four parts:

Off the Record Part 1 (17 megs)
Off the Record Part 2 (11 megs)
Off the Record Part 3 (16 megs)
Off the Record Part 4 (9 megs)

Interestingly enough, Tim said in this interview that the new album would be out in late 2007. Guess he knew what he was talking about!

Happy 60th birthday, Don!

Today, Don hits the big 6-0. To celebrate, we're going to be adding treats all day long, so be sure to keep checking back!

The party begins with the full Universal City, California 1985 Henley concert as broadcast on Westwood One. Building the Perfect Beast, Not Enough Love in the World, and Driving With Your Eyes Closed have all been previously uploaded onto the site, but now you get the whole show - and it's a good one.

1 Building the Perfect Beast
2 Dirty Laundry
3 Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed
4 You Can't Make Love
5 You're Not Drinking Enough
6 Them and Us
7 Lilah
8 Not Enough Love in the World
9 The Boys of Summer
10 All She Wants To Do Is Dance
11 Sunset Grill
12 Talking to the Moon
13 Hotel California
14 Outro Show Credits

Friday, July 13, 2007

Eagles and Dixie Chicks

I just got this email from I Love All Access:

Stand by for a special Eagles and Dixie Chicks announcement. More information coming on Monday, July 16th.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Show Change

Don's August 7th Albuquerque date has been cancelled. He has scheduled a show in El Paso, Texas on that date instead.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Eagles MySpace!

For real this time.

Eagles Official Myspace Page

Gotta love it! The guys are catching on!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

OKC Tickets on sale Friday, July 13

Tickets for Don's Aug 5 show in OKC now go on sale Friday, July 13, at 11 a.m.
Visit for more details.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


The OKC Zoo Amphitheater ticket office has confirmed that tickets for Don's August 5 concert go on sale Saturday, July 14.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

An Oklahoma date?

A site visitor let us know that today's Oklahoma City Gazette has reported another solo date for Don--August 5 at the OKC Zoo Amphitheater. The ad for the Zoo Amphitheater said "Don Henley and Friends." We will post more information once it has been officially listed.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Another solo date

8/11/2007--Star of the Desert Arena--Primm, NV